Vourneen Taylor

Inbound Consultant, About Inbound

How to use social media to attract, convert, close and delight customers

Vourneen presents live from Amsterdam about how you can use social media across all aspects of the inbound methodology.

Becky Murphy

Managing Director, BabelQuest

How to test and make improvements to your marketing efforts with your HubSpot platform

Becky explains how you can make use of the testing tools within the HubSpot platform to make improvements to your marketing based on real data.

Eric Murphy

Inbound Strategist, BabelQuest

Lead Qualification Tips

Sales don’t just want leads, they want qualified leads, but what does that really mean? How do the best inbound sales people qualify leads as opportunities? With top tips, fresh from the recent Sales Skills Bootcamp at HubSpot with Dave Weinhaus and Dan Tyre, Eric will fill your head with exciting possibilities!


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