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About the HUG


The Oxford HubSpot User Group (HUG) is a regular group meet-up, for marketers, sales directors and business owners who have an interest in inbound marketing and sales. 

Each HUG is a combination of presentations, questions and networking. The presentations focus on topical marketing and sales concepts and ideas.


About BabelQuest

BabelQuest is an inbound marketing agency that offers both marketing and sales services. Based in Abingdon in Oxfordshire, our team includes marketing, sales and content experts.

We are a Diamond HubSpot Partner and have been running the HUG in Oxford since 2015.



Why attend? 

We are building an Inbound marketing community to create a platform to encourage collaboration and share best practices and insights in the world of marketing and sales.

It’s also a great way to meet other like-minded people and do some informal networking. Each business will need to apply marketing and sales tactics in a slightly different way to make sure it works for them. Meeting with other marketers, sales people and business owners allows you to learn about what’s working and not working for them and then apply that knowledge to your own business.

Did we mention you are welcome to have a drink too?


Attend the next HUG


The Oxford HUG is a delight. A small group of like-minded marketers gather together, share and learn from best practice, and drink free beer. In a sharing economy where marketers see themselves as collaborators, not competitors, this is a fantastic way to spend an evening. I get a lot out of it every single time I attend. You will too.

Gina Balarin Verballistics

BabelQuest set up and run the Oxford HUG and this is where I first met them a couple of years ago. I always go to the HUG meetings if I can, as do the rest of the Triaster marketing team, - because we always learn something that we can immediately action and benefit from. Triaster sales people are now starting to come to the HUG meetings too and this has benefited us all. BabelQuest always ensure that the meetings both deliver great information from very knowledgeable speakers and a good time!

Emma Harris Triaster Ltd